Where My Poems Take You

where my poems take you



Antarctica, Trinidad, Boston, the Alps, Buenos Aires, Caracas, the North Pole, India, the Sahara, San Francisco, the Milky Way, Rio de Janeiro, Spain, the Amazon, the Big Bang, Greece, the Stone Age, Siberia, Pompeii, Indonesia, the Third Reich, Egypt, Iowa, Japan, Central Park, Miami, the Taj Mahal, New York City, Italy, Niagara Falls, Krakatoa, the Congo, Atlantis, the Vatican, Shanghai, Cairo, Twin Peaks, Hell, Heaven, South American dance halls, wild bacchanals, mystical gatherings, Black Holes, magic lakes, deserts, mountains, jungles of the Amazon, stars, the Sun, the Origin of the Universe, and GOD.

I can tell you that my Muse has been to all these places, dragging me along. You don’t mess with the Muse. When she wants you to write the next poem, she’s boss. Come travel with us in these poems and discover the wonders of many countries, cities, feelings, seasons, joy, regrets, natural beauty, conflict and closure. It’s all there in those far away regions as well as in our own humanity and hearts here at home.


Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash