Table of Contents





02 Dark Velvet   

03 Antarctica

05 The Stone Age and the Internet        

06 Kaleidoscope

07 Black Hole

08 Arriving at Twin Peaks for an Exceptionally Bright Night View on San Francisco

09 Salivating Over a Still Life by French Painter Pierre Bonnard

10 Seeing a Map of Greece Across the Sky

11 Out of Darker Grace

13 Dark Night of a Soul

15 The Sun and I

16 An Alpine Panorama – The Creator’s Dream




20 Carnival in Rio

22 Ode to Music

26 Tango in Buenos Aires

27 Poetry Dances, Olé!

30 My Creole Belle – A Cakewalk

32 Billy Belly’s Boston Big Brass Band – A Nostalgic Divertimento

38 Waltzing in Respectable Vienna

39 Olé, Bolero – A Fiesta in Sevilla

43 Calypso in Port of Spain, Trinidad

44 Fire Dance – A Tribal Invocation of the Light




50 Volcanoes

51 Claustrophobia of an Afternoon

53 Sound Barrier

54 Statue of an Enraged Lion

55 Downfall

56 Realms of Stone

57 The Bomb That Blew Up God – A Fable – The True History of the Big Bang

59 These Three Words

60 A Dove in Times of War

62 Bridge Under Construction

63 An Upside-Down World

65 The Tool

66 Spring Pick Up

67 A Zebra Moment

68 Birthplace




70 Affluence

71 A Marriage

72 Lifespan of a Haiku

73 On a Medieval Painting of the Fall of Man

74 A History of Sarcasm 

75 The Lovesick Anemone

76 Looking Out the Window in Autumn

77 Silent Question

78 Letters in a Drawer

79 A Bird Landing

80 Finesse

81 Sunset Blues

82 A Breakup

83 Night Secret

84 The Touch 

85 Fireworks

86 My Daddy’s Hands




88 Autumn in a Cemetery

89 Falling Tree Kills Sleeping Cub Scout

90 By a Pond

91 Run Over Pigeon

92 To the Sun

94 Crossing a Bridge During a Tidal Wave

95 Generations

96 Falling Down a Manhole

97 After a Swim

98 Dead Fly by the Window

99 Dark Pond – A Night Piece

101 Three Trees in Central Park




104 The Language of the Future

105 Looking at the Taj Mahal

107 Long-Lost Books

108 The Sahara – A Spiritual Journey

111 After Reading an Obscure Volume of Unusual Poetry

112 Nocturnal Squeaks

113 On Reading That The Atlantic Monthly Has a Backlog of Poetry Submissions

116 The Freight Train From Houston

119 Strange Renewal

120 The Chimes of the Clock at the Courthouse

121 In Sculpted Sentences of Verbose Prose

124 Wild Geese From Canada

126 Books

128 The New York City Zoo

132 Apples and Oranges – A Play on Words and Concepts in Five Short Acts

133 Your Face

135 Healing

136 Small Town Routine — One View

!37 Small Town Routine — A Different View

138 The Addressee

139 Tropical Jungle in the Amazon – A Lyrical-Dramatic Tableau


143      A NEW DAWN


144 Eternal Source

146 The Doe

147 Awestruck at Niagara Falls

150 A New Dawn

151 Shell Song

154 A Reluctant, Little Ode to Snow

156 Ocean Song

159 Almost Summer

161 Flying to Miami

163 Pine Needle – Metamorphosis

164 Spring Is Like a Young, Wonderful Woman

166 The Quiet Way of Unforgotten Trees

167 Giant Sequoia – A Hymn

170 The Tree of My Childhood

171 The Language of Trees – View video

173 Leafless Tree

174 White Blossoms

175 Distant Mountains

176 The Holy Mountain

178 Waiting Near the Throne

179 The Bond

180 A Brighter Side

181 A Summer Dream


Click to Buy the Book on Amazon

I loved this vast, complex, yet simple book of wonderful poetry, THE BOMB THAT BLEW UP GOD!! Even the title is wonderful and startling… It’s filled with gems and myths, butterfly textures, fabrics that can stretch beyond expectation, even melt in your reading hands. It is a work of brilliance and honest perception and even more honesty is in the author’s presentation…Freddy Niagara Fonseca, a lover of language and a master-craftsman of the written word…of the beauty in language. I recommend this book of sublime intensity and devastating color of heart to any true reader, searching for the power and beauty of language that still exists today…

—Rudy Wilson, National Award Winning Author of several novels



Freddy Niagara Fonseca covers a lot of ground, literally and figuratively, in his book of poetry, “The Bomb That Blew Up God.”  From haiku to narrative free verse, his exploration of form, rhyme and rhythm is almost a compendium of modern poetic style. The tone is varied too – from playful humor to earnest poignancy – but the poems are artfully arranged to lead the reader smoothly from one emotion to the next. And then there is the breadth of subject matter, which allows the reader a close-up view of the vastness of human experience, across the globe and deep within, through the poet’s eyes. Freddy’s poems are accessible on the surface, easy to read, yet layered with deeper meaning for those willing to spend more time with them.

—Monica Hadley, entrepreneur and host of the podcast Writers’ Voices with Monica and Caroline



This collection of works is distinctive — certainly original, but eclectic, deeply sobering and uniquely stylized. The author’s voice is that of a “thinker” …his inner world far more important than his outer …and there is something appropriately secretive and vulnerable about the artistry of the writing. Freddy Niagara Fonseca lays down a travel log scenario, with awesome professionalism, and knits his own naturally funny philosophic demeanor, with wit and wisdom, into phrases that just make you laugh out loud — THE BOMB THAT BLEW UP GOD.

—Rodney Charles, author of the bestselling Every Day A Miracle Happens



I very much enjoyed Freddy’s poetry because of his light touch. By this I mean it is playful, fascinated with life, cultures, and experiences. And, while his language is often casual, his poems are so carefully constructed, pristine really, that the experience of reading is superfluid. Here is a highly educated mind, taking from a thorough familiarity with the forms of poetry only what fits most fluidly to his purpose. Underneath the lighthearted journeys in time, place, and spirit there are whisperings of more formal beauty of phrase and a depth of comprehension of the wholeness of life. I stopped. Reread. Read it out loud, and was delighted with the skill of construction.

—Karla Christensen, poet, muralist, illustrator



I am still salivating over these poems, these rich, very diverse moments from the intimate inner life of the author. From the seductions of dance to the secrets of creation, Freddy Niagara Fonseca has prepared a banquet of verse, in which each dish is perfectly spiced to linger in your awareness and you simply lust to have more. Some poems are sweet, some are salty. All the flavors are present, as are all the subtle tones of emotional experience. And underlying the spices is a transcendent explosion of creative joy and wry humor at his divinely human condition.

—Debra Smith, Educational Kinesiologist, Watercolorist, Potter, Poet




Here is the collection of poetry I have waited for all my life — Freddy Niagara Fonseca’s The Bomb That Blew Up God. At last, poems that satisfy both critical mind and longing soul. Bold exquisite, rich language and brilliant awake treatments breathe life into worthy themes — nature, seasons, home, memory, dance, death, music, poetry, contentment. The great triumph of Fonseca’s poetry is sustained momentum blending image with observation to inexorably open the reader to unbounded awareness, where every reader wants to be. These poems entertain! Allow me to direct you to a singular masterpiece among masterpieces, “The New York City Zoo,” which delivers the reader from the ridiculous to the sublime.

—Burton Milward, Jr., retired attorney, author, radio show host


I have recently had the joy of reading Freddy Niagara Fonseca’s The Bomb That Blew Up God and cannot extol it highly enough. If you have the slightest shred of happiness within you, no matter how deeply it may be buried, reading his poetry will unearth, amplify and galvanize it till you are flying on the wings of his euphoria. The book includes seven engaging sections. One section is comprised of poems which are like a paean to dance and music, creating in the reader an irresistible call to dance. These poems express the power of swiveling and swinging to music; the power that carries you and your partners to realms of ecstatic freedom and exuberance. Other sections are equally revealing rhythmically and full of delights and inspirations. Many poems are surprisingly thought-provoking. For a good time, read Freddy Fonseca. Take a walk on the wonderfully free and wild side. Your soul and heart will be dancing from the first verses to the last.

—Carol Olicker, bereavement support group facilitator, retired hospice social worker, certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation, poet


This impressive volume is one that we can pick up at bedtime and open any page for mind travel. Freddy takes us on visual journeys through time and through places we can hear and smell. We swim in the sensual experience he creates and we return to our own thoughts reminded that we are part of the world of nature. His personal voice comes through…we see through his eyes. Caught up in the swirling imagery of his flowing words we feel the twinkle in his eye on every page.

—Gretchen Langstaff Schaffer, dancer, teacher, governor of the Age of Enlightenment; BA Fine Arts, Dance Dept. The Juilliard School; MA in Human Movement Potential and Dance, New York University


This poetry is so affecting, its rhythms and lyrics so compelling, I become a better person and appreciate living more than before.

—George Foster, Book cover designer