THE BOMB THAT BLEW UP GOD And Other Serious Poems is a tender poetry collection full of adventure and wit. Freddy Fonseca weaves seven major themes of life into a vast, spiritual journey spanning the globe and universe. There’s a wild side to his poetry that’s both dead serious and totally charming.

The title poem, a modern fable, depicts the age-old struggle between good and evil, with a surprise ending.

Chapter 1: SHARDS OF LIGHT. A ray of hope starts enlivening a universe on the verge of spiritual darkness.

Chapter 2: DANCES, MUSIC, MAGIC. Dances, music and magic explode with energy, joy and tuneful poetry in exotic settings.

Chapter 3: THE BOMB THAT BLEW UP GOD. Poems steeped in conflict have us dealing with existential fear. How will we overcome these?

Chapter 4: VIGNETTES. We’re getting some relief from previous challenges. Brief, daring sketches, mini dramas, humor, and more.

Chapter 5: DO WE REALLY DIE. Death shows its terrifying face from multiple sides. We are trying to cope. Sometimes successfully.

Chapter 6: STRANGE RENEWAL. New doors open to theatrical poems full of life, and profound monologues heralding spiritual transformation.

Chapter 7: A NEW DAWN. Nature shines at its most beautiful and uplifting. We gain a measure of appreciation and gratitude in our much too hectic lives.

Freddy Niagara Fonseca evokes lively, tropical rhythms from South America. His poems range from three line haiku verses to three page epic poetry in the blink of an eye. Using free verse and rhyme, he pours his heart out into accessible, life-affirming poetry. Buy your copy today.

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