Poetry Dances, Olé!

Poetry Dances, Olé!

Photo by Werner Elmker

The guy in the white shirt is me

Dances Music Magic, photo




Discourse on virtue and they pass by in droves.

Whistle and dance the shimmy, and you’ve got an audience.



Poetry Dances, olé! She really does.

Literary she isn’t. Dancing is her thing.

She’s burst upon the Writers’ scene like a Rock Star.

All she needs to start a saucy Samba, or dainty Waltz

is her knack for Rhythm.

She’s lifting a leg and arching her back . . . There!

She’s already creating a thrill on the Page.


My Muse, Poetry has taken me to a party tonight,

insisting on tackling all of the latest Salsas and Tangos—

anything goes. No time for Grammar—

too much fun at the Dance!

She can be quite formal when writing Sonnets

and well-Versed in Ballads,

but nah, not tonight.


She won’t be a wallflower ever.

She Prances with pros. You give her a Subject,

or Theme . . . In less than a second, she wiggles

her Syntax to share with the crowd

what a Sentence with gusto,

a Turn of a Phrase,

and a body to Shake can do.


The Classics, Nonfiction, and Romance

are eager to meet her.

Their Chapters won’t Jive like her Verses, but hey,

all they want is to revel in Rhythm and join her in Print.

Audaciously sensual

with pert innuendo,

she kicks up her heels. She never holds back.


Wouldn’t she love to Break-Dance with

hot Punctuation, or Slow-Dance

a stern Saraband with old-fashioned Spelling? 

You bet! Adapting to Style on a whim,

she’ll dance a Can-Can

and totally live it, or quickly

up the ante to a Tap-Dancing frenzy.


Right now she’s off to Dance the Jig

with some of the Bards and Homer.

I’m sure she’ll share a Court Dance with Shakespeare,

or Dance with Dante, flaunting Rhymes with dynamite Feet.

Stepping slowly, or quickly,

or all debonair,

she’s always the life of the party.


Hey you, Nouns and Adverbs, make room for this gal—

her Syllables Rock.

Becoming entranced and pairing with Fiction,

she Dances the Limbo, Scribbling Scripts with her toe.

All of her Blank Verses

have been rehearsing

Merengues with Humorous Poems and Odes to Nature.


Bumping back to back and belly to belly,

she’s awesome at tempting Language, Slang,

and Diction with magical moves. Look how those guys

are going out of their way to ogle her Couplets

as all of her Stanzas

get wilder when Dancing

all those seductive Boleros she knows.


Her Poetic License Skips, Dances, delights.

She’s lately been known to be teaching

Cakewalks late at after-parties, strutting for hours

with fearless Free Verses, Critics and Limericks.

She hopes you’ll simply enjoy

whatever you may Read between her Lines, but

hers is the joy of playing with Words that are willing.


Showing off and slyly unveiling her Meaning,

she aptly engages all of her Fancy while

totally rapt in the Dance. She has oomph, oh yes,

and really kicks ass, olé!

She’s having a ball, and all heads turn to look,

and bodies Twist, and everyone cheers

as she Waltzes away to be Read in my Book.