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On a Medieval Painting of the Fall of Man

The Angel turned them out of Paradise,

And God withdrew within.

A glorious Realm receded from their Eyes.

They shrank from loving Him.

The World is like a Darker Sphere until

We meet His Love within.

An Angel full of Grace is waiting still

To lead us back to Him.




Published in This Enduring Gift, 2010





Mr. Fonseca’s poems always seem to leave me with a more expansive view of whatever the subject may be, and in subject matter and approach, you will find wonderful variety in this book. For example, “The Bomb That Blew Up God” is playfully satiric—at once very funny and quite serious. Another poem, with a softer approach, is “On a Medieval Painting of the Fall of Man.” This one brings you into the more subtle reaches of the heart … and the divine. These are just two of my favorites. On the whole, a beautiful book of poems that I highly recommend.


James L. Shead, technical writer, retired, Certified Divine Mother Healer