This is the second verse of Olé Bolero – A Fiesta in Sevilla, a poem in three parts narrated by Freddy Niagara Fonseca, lyrics with Nathan Zumstein, piano


Glossary: Olé – bravo; Bolero – a Spanish dance; fiesta – festival; gitanas – female gypsies; Sevilla – a town in Spain; Manzanilla – a Spanish wine; toreros – bullfighters; bravo – shout of approval; toro – bull; castanets – hand percussion instruments; ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay! – exclamations of excitement; matador – a bullfighter whose task is to kill the bull; Seguidillas – a Spanish dance; Bulerías – a Spanish dance; Farruca – a Spanish dance; Cádiz – a town in Spain; arenas – arenas; guitarras – guitars; La Rosa – a female named Rosa; pronto – immediately; La Carola – a female named Carola; La Paloma – a female named Paloma; siesta – mid-day sleep or rest; presto – right away; machismo – masculine pride; 

gusto – enthusiasm; España – Spain

Comment on Olé, Bolero — A Fiesta in Sevilla:

Great poem, such gusto and wonderful play, celebrating the sexuality and the sensuality of the language that conveys it. –all those great names and Spanish words. Bravo.

-Craig Deininger, PhD, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing

Maharishi International University

Part Two: The Toreros Visiting from Cádiz


Olé, Bolero, olé!

We are toreros from ancient, noble Cádiz.

We’re on our way to meet some classy ladies.

By day we fight for fame in Spanish arenas,

But oh, at night, we dance the Bolero. Olé, Bolero. Bravo Toro!

We bring our daggers and fine guitarras

And dream of wooing pretty gitanas.

Olé, Bolero. ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay!, gitana. Bravo Toro, bravo!

Each of us is hot and ready for action,

And once we’re there, I will be the attraction,

So I will lead Carmencita—and I will meet Frasquita—

And I will match Dolores—and I will catch La Rosa—

Oh no, you won’t, or I will kill ya pronto on her bed in Sevilla— 

Oh yes, I will. I meant the daughter Rosita

Ah, that’s better, for I must have la Madre! ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay!

Olé, Bolero. Olé, Toro, olé!

All I need is La Carola—I would die for La Paloma—

But all would die for me—they know what I have got! ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay! Olé, olé, gitanas. Bravo Toro, olé!

And I will chase their sexy queen!

Ha, in sultry Sevilla after the siesta and bullfight,

We’ll join the gitanas to dance and neck all night.

We’ll drink Manzanilla, and play the guitarra,

And if that doesn’t cut it, we all will dance, dance the Bolero, the Bolero.

Olé, olé, Bolero, olé! Bravo Toro! Bravo gitanas, olé!