My best poems, or at least some of them are being acknowledged on this page as they appear in The Bomb That Blew Up God and Other Serious Poems

A page showing a poem from my book The Bomb That Blew Up God

Some of my best poems were published in the following periodicals:


“Dark Velvet” The Neovictorian/Cochlea, 2004.

“Antarctica” Pivot, 2004, Winning Writers, 2004. 

“Kaleidoscope” The Neovictorian/Cochlea, 2004, The Iowa Source, 2005.

“Seeing a Map of Greece Across the Sky” The Eclectic Muse, 2004.

“Out of Darker Grace” The Dryland Fish, 2003.

“Carnival in Rio” This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“Tango in Buenos Aires” Telepoem Booth Iowa, 2020.

“Poetry Dances, Olé” This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“Fire Dance – An Invocation of the Light” This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“Statue of an Enraged Lion” The Eclectic Muse, 2004, This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“Realms of Stone” The Neovictorian/Cochlea, 2006.

“These Three Words” Passive Fists – An Anthology by Poets for Peace, 2004.

“A Dove in Times of War” Passive Fists – An Anthology by Poets for Peace, 2004.

“Bridge Under Construction” The Eclectic Muse, 2004.

“Spring Pick Up” The Fairfield Weekly Reader, 2019.

“A Zebra Moment” Inquiring Mind, 2006.

“On a Medieval Painting of the Fall of Man” This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“Falling Down a Manhole” Art Scene, 2005.

“After a Swim” The Dryland Fish, 2003.

“The Chimes of the Clock at the Courthouse” The Fairfield Ledger, 2004.

“The New York City Zoo” This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“Your Face” The Eclectic Muse, 2004.

“Books” The Neovictorian/Cochlea, 2006, Winning Writers, 2006, This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“Eternal Source” Pivot, 2004, The Neovictorian/Cochlea, 2005.

“Awestruck at Niagara Falls” This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“The Doe” This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“Spring Is Like a Young, Wonderful Woman” The Eclectic Muse, 2003 as “Spring, the Goddess”.

“The Quiet Way of Unforgotten Trees” Tower Poetry Society, 2003.

“Giant Sequoia” This Enduring Gift, 2010.

“The Language of the Trees” This Enduring Gift, 2010, Sierra Club Southeast Iowa, the Leopold Group, Spring 2011.

“Distant Mountains” Candelabrum Poetry Magazine, 2005.

“White Blossoms” Candelabrum Poetry Magazine, 2004.