Here are some links to writers, editors, artists, poetry and literary websites that may be of interest to you.


The Hypertexts is an on-line poetry journal with a simple goal: to showcase the best poetry, literary prose and art available to us.


Karin Matchett, writer, co-thinker, editor, writing coach.


The Women’s Writing Project, Rae Bird.


The Uncarved Blog. Ken Chawkin’s articles & poems: Transcendental Meditation, consciousness & enlightenment.


The Flood Plain, Poems by Charlie Hopkins.


Winning Writers finds and creates quality resources for poets and writers. Founded by Jendi Reiter and Adam Cohen.


ArtFonseca, Christine Fonseca.


Diane Frank, poet and novelist.


Bill Graeser, Poet, Photographer.


Nynke Passi, Poet, writer, teacher.


Christine Schrum, editor, poet.


Allen Cobb, author


Jack Forem, Author, Meditation Teacher, Public Speaker.


Philip Goldberg, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Counselor.


Writers’ Voices with Monica and Caroline.


Rustin Larson, Poetry & Writing.


Susan Smith Daniels, author of award-winning collection, The Genuine Stories.


Deeper into Poetry. with Silvine Farnell. Workshops and Resources for poets.


Signs of the Times, The End of the World and the Coming Golden Age by Robert Fitzgerald.


Over the Horizon is an autobiographical photo journal documenting the life exploration of photographer and explorer David Thoreson as he sailed some 65,000 miles around the globe.


Tony Ellis, writer and poet.


Rachelle Chase, author of Lost Buxton and Creating the Black Utopia of Buxton, Iowa


Kartika Damon, Artist


Stuart McCall Libby, Fine Art & Design


Phyllis Khare, Marketing Strategist