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Quintessential Listening Interviewing Freddy Niagara Fonseca, May 16, 2023


In August 2020, I was interviewed by John Busbee with The Culture Buzz from Des Moines, IA. We talked about my new poetry collection THE BOMB THAT BLEW UP GOD and what it means to him and my fans worldwide. We covered many facets of my poetry in about 11 minutes.


John endorsed my book earlier as follows: Freddy Niagara Fonseca’s ‘The Bomb that Blew Up God and other Serious Poems’ is an eclectic, alluring invitation to journey into poetic perspectives that will crisscross your inner soul in various ways. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes sobering, always illuminating, Fonseca’s stylistic scope takes readers into realms as fleeting as haiku to epic writings. Thematically dividing this gem into seven facets, this collection holds the promise of triggering new responses each time the reader delves into its lyrical diversity.

—The Culture Buzz, John Busbee, Founder and Producer, Des Moines, IA

Freddy Niagara Fonseca didn’t care for poetry when he was a boy living in South America, but at age 29, he was inspired by the inscription on a statue of Lord Byron in a park in Rome and immediately began writing poetry in his second language, English. In this one hour long conversation, we explore many forms of poetry and get a feel for Freddy’s strong (and playful) sense of rhythm. Freddy talks about “The Bomb that Blew Up God and Other Serious Poems” his second book; the first, “This Enduring Gift” was an anthology of poetry from writers with a Fairfield, IA connection.

Writers’ Voices, August 2020.

In the spring of 2020, Matty Bovard, a young poet from Lafayette, CO interviewed me as part of my promoting my book. The interview lasted about 39 minutes. I recited five poems: The Language of Trees, Carnival in Rio, Birthplace, Books, and The Bomb That Blew Up God.

In this 34 minute interview in June 2020 by local businessman and entrepreneur Bob Ferguson in Fairfield, IA, we chatted about my background and formative years as a poet. I recited four poems: The Language of Trees, An Upside-Down World, Carnival in Rio, and Ode to Music.