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Dark Velvet

Dark Velvet

We are all in the gutter,

but some of us are looking at stars.

Oscar Wilde



Some memories shine like living precious stones

Now scattered on the dark velvet here before me:

Rubies, red with liquid passion;

Opals, playful, transparent, pure;

One rose quartz, heart-shaped and glowing;

Sapphires, azure like some pensive gaze;

Diamonds, strangely lucid and serene,

Emerging briefly from

A universe now lost,

Or hidden . . .




Such are the gems I remember from myth long ago,

Before being scattered across the dark firmament:

Glimmering now like distant fires;

Sparkling in the vastnesses of space;

Beaming from the farthest galaxies;

Quietly gazing down through time;

Slowly orbiting inside my brain,

And steadily gleaming like on

Deep dark velvet,

Remote, alive…

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash