Chapter 2


This chapter reveals and revels in the rhythms, sensuality, and drama of dance, as well as memories and emotions music evokes.



Here’s a snippet of this chapter’s sample poem:

Olé, Bolero (1st of 3 parts)



“Great poem, such gusto and wonderful play, celebrating the sexuality and the sensuality of the language that conveys it. All those great names and Spanish words. Bravo.

—Comment by Craig Deininger, PhD, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, Maharishi International University.

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Olé, Bolero – A Fiesta in Sevilla (1st of 3 parts)



Glossary: Olé – bravo; Bolero – a Spanish dancefiesta – festival;

gitanas – female gypsies; Sevilla – a town in Spain; Manzanilla – a Spanish wine; toreros – bullfighters; bravo – shout of approval; toro – bull; castanets – hand percussion instruments; ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay! – exclamations of excitement; matador – bullfighter who kills the bull; Seguidillas – a Spanish dance; Bulerías – a Spanish dance; Farruca – a Spanish dance; Cádiz – a town in Spain; arenas – arenas; guitarras – guitars; La Rosa – female named Rosa; pronto – immediately; La Carola – female named Carola; La Paloma – female named Paloma; siesta – mid-day rest; presto – right away; machismo – masculine pride; gusto – enthusiasm; España – Spain



Part One: The Gitanas of Sevilla


Olé, Bolero, olé!

We are gitanas of beautiful, proud Sevilla.

We’re fond of dancing, men, and Manzanilla.

Tonight we wait for handsome, famous toreros,

And after the bullfight, we’ll dance the Bolero.

Olé, Bolero. Bravo Toro!


We play and click with our castanets

And dream of all the men we soon will get.

Olé, Bolero. ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay!, torero. Bravo Toro, bravo!

Meanwhile, we’re dancing here and killing time,

And each of us is scheming who’ll be mine.

So I will lure Eduardo and I for sure Carlitos,

And I’ll seduce José, and I will cruise Antonio.


Oh no, you won’t, or you’re dead before he ever sees your bed!

Oh yes, I will. I meant Antonio Senior– 

Ah, that’s better, for I’ll be seeing Junior! ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay!

Olé, Bolero. Olé, Toro, olé!

I think I’ll get Juanito, and I will pet Pablito,

Well, I will have them all. But I did have them all. ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay!

Olé, olé, toreros. Bravo Toro, olé!

And I will tame their Matador!


Ha, tonight at the fiesta in Sevilla,

We first will dance the saucy Seguidillas,

And then the bouncy Bulerías, and then the foxy Farruca,

And if that doesn’t cut it, we all

Will dance, dance the Bolero, the Bolero.

Olé, olé, Bolero, olé! Bravo Toro! Bravo toreros, olé!



Part Two: The Toreros from Cádiz


Etc., etc.




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