An Upside Down World


one of several very unusual poems in this book

There’s an upside-down world most of you

know little about. The upside-down cake was

invented up here, but someone took the recipe

down one day so you could have it. Too bad

there isn’t more you remember from this place

where life is being lived never feeling blue.


Please, come on up sometime and see how we

turn the ups and downs of life into the ups and ups.

Quite often we wish you’d visit, you know. You

see, if you were feeling down, you’d get upbeat

in seconds. We’ve had people’s high blood

pressure going down in a whoosh for sure. Try it.


If you visit long enough, you’ll have a good chance

to become even-keeled and start appreciating

what what’s up really means. But if you think to

come here to flaunt your ego, talking down

to others, you’ll be in for quite a shock. You will

be talking up, praising them to high heaven.


Once you get over that, you’ll start feeling

quite at home, I promise. At least we all hope you

will. Come have a look at our upside-down ways,

our habits, pleasures; why we chose to be here;

where we’re going, and why we think we’ve got

the real deal without being uppity about it.


Oh, but you want to know about our sex life, right?

How we do it? Well, angels we ain’t-we multiply,

but what do you wanna hear-you, who already

know the Kama Sutra backward? Oh? The up and

down part? Well, what if the apple Eve dropped

bounced up before Adam got down to business?


We flipped over; Mankind fell. Once you get used to

loafing upside-down, you’ll figure it out. But let’s

have some upside-down cake now. You’ll find it goes

up well. Logic never went down well up here, but

you’ll be fine; you won’t throw up-see how healthy we

look? The bottom line: we beat gravity and live it up.


We’ve got here all you’ll ever need.  We love to share,

and have resolved such opposites like war and peace,

good and bad. Impossible, you say? Not so! Long ago

we tossed the ‘im’ of im-possible to make such things

possible.  Welcome to our upside-down world.

Here, take my hand and just flip over. You’ll see.