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A Reluctant, Little Ode to Snow

A Reluctant, Little Ode to Snow photo

Oh no, too much snow!

You fickle miracle of nature,

altering all,

idly flitting to furtively fall . . . 


You spring from naught,

oh aerial messenger of candor,

swirling away,

slowly changing a darker day.


Oh snow, and then

becoming part of every structure,

snowing on snow,

softly shushing the snow below.


Shucks! That’s how we get

your sleet and slush to ponder on,

slipping, sliding, and

cursing one more damn winter!


It’s been so awfully nice

to suffer your ice-cold blizzards

making us run for

cover, yearning for summer.


You come and go,

a fitful panorama of winter,

melting away,

leaving no trace of white today.


But then again, tonight

you conjured up a makeover

of snow all over,

somehow making 


the enigma and

tender wonder of winter

memorable now,

revealing new meaning in snow.


Y’know, that hokey

‘Winter Wonderland’ misnomer

for once entirely

fitted — but oh so briefly . . .




Photo by Darran Shen on Unsplash