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I’m a cosmopolitan poet. When you pick up my book


you’ll be traveling far and wide with my generous Muse and me.

Unimagined places around the world and of the soul await you.

Come, join us.


The Language of the Future

If I ever turn into a real poet,

let it be of ever-evolving language—

that human, intangible, phenomenon 

evoking poems, rivers, worlds and God,

taking you and me

…to the future.

Such a prospect will boldly reunite

the denizens and builders of

all languages past and present. One language,

more fluent than rivers we know, will

manifest, maturing in time

…in our future.

The language of the future will flow

with newfound ideas straight from God,

and thus will we sing and speak as One. I’ll

keep my wit vibrant, making sure my

every word reaches for

…that grand future.